What Assembling a Chair Taught Me About God

Recently I've been questioning the existence of God.  Blegh. Heavy, I know.  But if I didn't remind you of that struggle o' mine, this story would mean nothing. God sent me a little lesson while I was assembling a chair today.  Brace yourselves; I'm about to get all sorts of crazy up in here. Today … Continue reading What Assembling a Chair Taught Me About God


Birthdays & Confidence Cake

A coworker / mentor of mine recently turned 50! Birthdays are so wonderful and I think they should be celebrated with much pomp and all the circumstance. He's probably more the let's-not-mention-it's-my-birthday-it's-just-a-regular-day-don't-mind-me type.  But whatever. Birthdays mean cake so there was cake. All the celebration and talk of "50!" got me thinking about age and, because … Continue reading Birthdays & Confidence Cake