My Testimony – Part 3

If you've followed my testimony to this point, CONGRATULATIONS! You've made it to the finale you've been looking for. If you're new here, welcome! In Part 1 I introduced my early faith and then subsequent loss there of.  Part 2 took us down some of my darkest most shame-filled days. Give those a read and join … Continue reading My Testimony – Part 3


My Testimony – Part 2

** This post may contain triggering topics. Please continue with caution, and reach out if you are struggling.** Here we are again. If you're just now joining us, let me catch you up - I'm {begrudgingly} sharing my testimony. Start with Part 1. Full disclosure - It's about to get real up in here.  My walk … Continue reading My Testimony – Part 2

Birthdays & Confidence Cake

A coworker / mentor of mine recently turned 50! Birthdays are so wonderful and I think they should be celebrated with much pomp and all the circumstance. He's probably more the let's-not-mention-it's-my-birthday-it's-just-a-regular-day-don't-mind-me type.  But whatever. Birthdays mean cake so there was cake. All the celebration and talk of "50!" got me thinking about age and, because … Continue reading Birthdays & Confidence Cake