As Working for the Lord

You know those jobs you hate? The bosses and coworkers that make you feel unappreciated? The times you feel as though you’re not contributing to anything worthwhile? I’ve been there, my friend.

Each time I get to feeling down about the work I do – whether it is cleaning toilets at a call center (people, seriously, you’re gross), working cattle (honestly, people are more disgusting), running a cash register, or engineering – I [try] to remind myself that I report to someone much higher up than any supervisor, manager, and even the president of the company.


At one of my previous gigs, I met a gentleman we will call Mike. Mike had been a welder for many years. I worked in process improvement and was poking around in the area he and a few others worked in. The workers had consistently been having to do quite a bit of rework – correcting components that they had built incorrectly. Mike, however, had to do very little rework.

I stopped in to see what techniques Mike used that helped him produce such quality products the first time around. He certainly had a few tricks up his sleeve; We were able to identify a procedure order and techniques that drastically reduced the defects we were seeing.

Mike and I struck up a bit of a friendship during my time there. We talked about our interests, our families, and ultimately our faith in Christ. Mike was always passionate about welding – a job that few people view as glamorous. I asked what sparked his passionate flame (no weld puns intended) and his answer has stuck with me for years:

“Do you know why I work so hard to do such a good, quality job? Because I glorify God with every bead I lay. It sounds silly, but think about it. My welding made you talk to me and now here we are, talking about religion.”

Mike’s response has gotten me through so many fed up moments. Even if we are not yet working where we are ultimately called to be, God can use us for good right where we are! But only if we allow Him to work through us. Griping about filling coffee orders, wrangling kids, or selling shoes is not going to bring much glory.  It is hard some days, my friends, I know this.  Give that to God and keep producing good product – good fruit – right where you are. You report to a much bigger boss.


How do you keep your chin up when you feel underappreciated and overworked? 


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