A Prayer for Overflow

Oh Father, 

I am so empty. I am tired of giving, tired of loving, tired of putting my heart out there for this evil world to discard. Refill my heart, Lord, so that I can give again.

Show me your presence, Father. Come to me in a way I know to be true. You know my love language, God. Speak it to my heart and be known. Be my strength and my source of overflow. Refill my heart, Lord, so that I may give again.

The ones I call mine take from me and give little in return. It is not their fault, Lord. They have not filled themselves with your love so they have nothing to spare. Fill their hearts, Lord, so that they can give again.

This world needs your love, Father, and I know you have called us to give of it. It is not our scarce love we give, but your neverending love. Refill our hearts, Lord, so that we can give again.

Refill our hearts, Lord.



One thought on “A Prayer for Overflow

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