A Fool’s Opinion

In preparation for a 9ish hour road trip, I downloaded some podcasts (Thanks to my coworker Brandon for the suggestion! Fun fact: Flamingos can drink boiling water).

One of the first Podcasts we listened to is called Divides Aside. The premise is an open conversation between an Atheist turned Theist turned Catholic (David Dault) and a Science Communicator who believed in Santa Clause as a kid (Emily Graslie). And now, like me, you’re probably thinking “Riiiight, by ‘open discussion’ you mean ‘heated debate where the two sides try to sway each other to their way of thinking.’ Got it.”

But for real, guys! Sure, the hosts are passionate about their beliefs, but they are also passionate about something more beautiful – understanding each other. (Check it out wherever you get your podcasts or at https://www.dividesaside.com.)

I think that’s what we lack in our heated internet debates and our snarky impatient judgements. As Christians, our job is to love one another. I don’t think we can love with out at least attempting to be understanding.

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only expressing his opinion.” – Proverbs 18:2

Short post today, I’ve  unfortunately got to get back to vacationing 😉 I will make that 9ish hour road trip back home later this week and I need your help getting through it – What is your favorite podcast?


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